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Product Overview

The new UNIROOF AT automatic roof welder is the service-friendly partner for welding thermoplastic membranes on flat roofs and roofs with low slopes (up to 30°). Its slim housing construction and movable transportation axle means that time-consuming modifcation of the welder is eliminated.

The UNIROOF can easily weld as close as 4 inches from the edge whether on the parapet, flat surfaces or any difficult to reach roof “problem zones." With 3,400W of power, 230V and 15 A in the box, the UNIROOF AT provides fast-paced, top performance on any roof. 

  • Reliable Swiss quality
  • The maintenance-free drive motor integrated into the pressure wheel translates to optimized performance and low maintenance 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to transport
  • Outperforms comparable machinery by up to 66%
Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 220 - 240
Power W 3450
Frequency Hz 50/60
Temperature °F 210 - 1150
Air Volume % 45-100
Speed ft/min 3.3 - 33.0
Weld Seam Width in. 1.6
Size (LxWxH) in. 18.7 x 9.6 x 10.3
Weight lbs. 38.6
Material   PP, PVC, TPO, ECB, EPDM, EVA, FPO, PO, PIB, other material on request
Protection Class I  
Conformity Mark  

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