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Hennes Johnson HJ315 Bulk Caulk Loader

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Get rid of the stress and issues that often accompany large caulking or roofing cement applications with the Hennes Johnson Bulk Caulk Loader HJ315. The HJ315 was meticulously designed and refined based on usage and industry feedback, providing you with a great solution that works as intended. This is the latest and greatest in the world of efficient loading for caulk or cement. You save time and money with easy and fast loading, and can focus on the important application and finishing processes.

With a Hennes Johnson HJ 315 Bulk roofing caulk and cement loader, up to 5,000 pounds of capable torque make loading fast and easy every time. Previous issues with fumbling and losing wing nuts are eliminated, largely decreasing a big source of frustration with other bulk loaders, The Hennes Johnson HJ 315 has the HJ Quick Lock Top Assembly – No wing nuts, no lost parts. The follow plate seal gets inserted into the pail itself and then followed by turning the top assembly to latch into the pre-set retaining clips – and you are ready to start loading.

Make your life easier and the productivity of your crews better with Hennes Johnson roofing equipment. From simple tools to complex equipment, specializing in cold process roofing has given Hennes Johnson valuable experience and research knowledge to provide you with the products that make a difference. Don’t sacrifice time for quality or quality for time – Choose Hennes Johnson to improve productivity while improving results.

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