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Josam 24500 2"-4" Threaded Sill Drain w/Rough Bronze Top

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$105.37 - $152.89
Product Overview
Josam 24500 Sill Drain 6" Diameter Body- Threaded Only


The Josam 24500 coated cast iron Sill Drain is used in parapets, small balconies, sills, cornices, canopies, gutters and other small overhanging areas where drainage of rainwater is required.

The flashing clamp design permits the removal of the dome strainer without disturbing the flashing or waterproofing membranes. Options are available for 45 and 90 degree angled threaded outlets.

Outlet Sizes:

  • 2- 4-in.

Outlet Types:

  • Straight
  • 90° angled
  • 45° angled

Top Types:

  • 1.5-in. high dome
  • 4.5-in. high dome
  • Flat grate


  • Rough bronze top
  • Satin bronze top
  • Satin nickel top

Other Options:

  • 1 x Vandal Proof Dome
  • 1 x SS Mesh on Dome
  • 1 x All Galvanized 

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