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Sioux Chief 868 PVC Drain

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Product Overview
Sioux Chief 868 Series PVC Drain

The Sioux Chief 868 PVC Drain is used where necessary in drainage systems. The drain has a U.V. resistant polyethylene, or epoxy-coated aluminum dome strainer, and an epoxy-coated aluminum gravel guard/flashing clamp. The drain body has a Sch. 40 hub connection. Connection to the drainage system is made with a solvent weld joint to ABS or PVC pipe.


  • Overall Height: 8.37-in.
  • Overall Diameter: 11-in.
  • Collar/Clamp Diameter: 10.25-in.
  • Body Height: 3.37-in.
  • Elevation: 5.25-in. 


  • 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-in.


  • PVC Clamp Collar
  • Aluminum Clamp Collar


  • Poly Dome
  • Aluminum Dome

Other Options:

  • Sump Receiver
  • Underdeck Clamp
  • 2-in. External Waterdam 

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