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Smith 1770 Downspout Nozzle

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$155.25 - $367.50
Product Overview
Smith 1770 & 1771 Downspout Nozzle

The Smith 1770 Downspout Nozzle is used as a parapet overflow, or at the base of a wall where a concealed leader discharges rainwater to the ground. 

The nozzle design diverts water away from the building, eliminating unsightly wall stains. The wall flange covers rough opening, and can serve as an anchor.


  • Regularly furnished in cast bronze.
  • Blends aesthetically with the outside of the building.
  • No sharp edges like other materials.
  • Nozzles are considered ornamental.
  • Slides over or threads onto PVC and cast iron pipe.
  • Available in threaded or no hub.
  • Also available in nickel bronze or polished bronze.


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