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Tie Down Penetrator X5 Rescue Winch System

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Product Overview

Tie Down Safety’s Rescue Winch can quickly attach to several Mobile Fall Protection Systems, including PX5 and PX3 configurations.  The Tie Down Rescue is critical for any rescue system where mobile fall protection is being used. It provides a way to retrieve an incapacitated worker to safety. The Rescue Winch comes with a 100′ galvanized lifeline that provides enough flexibility to rescue a fallen worker and either lower or raise the worker to safety.

  • Designed For The PX5 And PX3 Mobile Fall Protection Systems
  • Comes In Carrying Bag For Easy Access
  • Folding Handle For Compact Storage
  • Includes 100′ Galvanized Cable
  • Meets OSHA 1926 Requirements
  • ANSI Z359 Rated Swivel Snaphook With Impact Indicator
  • Product Weight: 25 Lbs.


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