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300 Gallon Kettle with Pump, Breaks, Pin Hitch and US Lids

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Product Overview

The 300 gallon kettle is the smallest of our pumper kettles, but it has the same features as our larger kettles. Well balanced, it is easy to tow. This kettle is the perfect size for a small crew or as a second unit.

This 300 gallon GRIZZLY kettle features a 60 GPM pump, a GX270 Honda engine and a safety flow valve secured on three points. It’s heat unit is fabricated of factory tested round pipe for long lasting trouble free performance. Anti–splash loading lids, one piece chimney cover and engine cover are all lockable for added safety.

Electrical brakes and safety chains, industrial front jack leg and stabiliser leg are standard. And as with all GRIZZLY kettles, burners, hoses, regulator, draincock and thermometer are included.

Silicon rubber sealed covers
1000° insulation


  • Over-all length: 154"
  • Over-all width: 57-1/2"
  • Over-all height: 77"
  • Loading height: 42-1/2"
  • Weight: 2002 lbs. (910 kg)


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