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Garlock Mustang Hydrostatic Workhorse Power Unit

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Product Overview

The Mustang Hydrostatic Workhorse is a proven product that has been the industry workhorse for more than 25 years. This dependable performer that virtually thousands of roofers throughout the country have made an integral part of daily roofing work, has now been totally redesigned to meet today's demanding challenges.

The Mustang HW is the definitive name in hydraulic-powered utility carriers for the professional roofing contractor. Compare the Mustang to the others and see the difference.

  • Hydrostatic transmission drive
  • Forward and reverse power
  • Four wheel stability
  • Flat-free tires on rear
  • Handles 2½" rock
  • Ergonomic controls
  • 25 percent fewer parts to adjust or replace
  • Remote oil drain
  • Fan cooled transmission
  • Water bottle holder

Mustang Deep Dump Hopper Attachment

Mustang also carries a tall-sided, narrow profile dump hopper that is perfect for carrying felts, gravel or tearoff debris. The long narrow opening works great for use with trash chutes, and the operator can dump the load without standing right next to the roof edge.

Mustang Gravel Spreader Attachment

Gravel Spreader option for the Mustang power unit. This 6.0 cubic foot gravel spreader dispenses pea gravel up to 2 1/2-inch rock and has a rubber door for easy closing. Drop it in and go!

Mustang 20 Cubic Foot Hopper Attachment

Built for hauling insulation and large bulky debris, the #30 Debris Hopper makes it easy to haul these large loads. On lower buildings you can dump right into the dumpster with twice the capacity of other models. Lift and dump an 800-pound load with ease while standing back over two feet from the roof edge. Hopper Capacity: 30 cubic feet or 500 pounds.

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