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Garlock Roof Warrior

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Product Overview

Garlock Equipment’s Roof Warrior is known throughout the industry for delivering incredible power to the blade, tearing off even the most difficult to remove materials.

  • Machine coupled with a 13hp Honda engine and solid high tract tires delivers powerful tear-off performance
  • The stress equalized frame stands up to brutal daily abuse
  • 18” actuated cutting blade, nose weight, and overall frame geometry contribute to its exceptional tear-off performance
  • The unique Power Push™ handle put the operator’s hand in a more ergonomic position so more physical power can be applied to the cutting edge of the blade

Rugged Construction for Reliability and Maximum Uptime: Stress equalized and distributed frame absorbs shocks and dissipates energy throughout the frame rather than concentrating it at certain stress points. The super-duty transaxle was selected because it was engineered for the brutal task of constantly changing from forward to reverse at speed.

Productivity: The Warrior slices and scrapes through roofing materials right down the deck in a single pass. The nose weight and geometry of the frame put maximum power right where it is needed the most, at the 18” cutting blade.

Maximum Jobsite Safety: The wide handlebars allow the operator to maintain complete control when maneuvering in tight spaces or near the roof edge. The proprietary Power Push handle puts the operator’s hand in a more ergonomic position reducing the chance of injury.

Versatility: The Roof Warrior has a number of options so it can be equipped for the job at hand. Choose from an 18” tined blade, a 30” wide blade, a dual-wheel kit for increased traction, and a membrane slicer attachment round out the list of available accessories.

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