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Garlock Tuff Tray w/ Pivot Frame #4

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Product Overview

The pivoting Tuff Tray is the perfect solution for increasing worker productivity due to its large capacity and easy-to-dump pivoting design.

  • Designed for use with either the Mustang or R800 Workhorse material movers
  • Made with heavy-duty ¼” thick high-density composite material which makes it scratch, dent, and rust resistant for a super long usable life
  • Thick walls with heavy-duty ribbing for superior strength allows carrying heavy loads without flexing
  • Increase productivity with its large 18 cubic feet of capacity and 850 pounds of load-carrying capacity
  • Made in the USA

Increase Productivity: The Tuff Tray with its 18 cubic foot capacity and a weight capacity of 850 lbs. mean fewer trips to the waste disposal area.

Increased Life Expectancy means Lower Cost OF Ownership: A dump box made of high quality thick walled plastic means it will not rust, dent, chip or corrode so the product will have a long use, and productive life.

Easy To Use: The Balance point and easy release handle makes the pivoting dump system easy to operate despite the amount of debris it is carrying.

Weight 98lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 60” x 50” x 24”

Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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