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Garlock Ultra Mini Cutter

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Product Overview

Ultra Cutter Mini Saw for cutting roof decks under elevated obstacles and around obstacles with space constraints.

  • Cuts to within 2” from walls or obstructions
  • Its low profile design gets under obstacles
  • Simple blade replacement and free-floating blade makes it easy to use and maintain by anyone
  • Crank handle blade adjustment makes it easy to adjust the cutting depth on the fly
  • 12” blade standard, can accept a 14” blade or 12” quad blade

Best in Class Clearance: Go farther under air conditioners, vents and other on-roof obstructions. Achieve better reach and spend less time lifting or moving equipment with the Ultra Cutter Mini’s low 17” clearance height and Max-Adjust handle.

Increased Productivity: : Increase cutting efficiency and cut a full 5 inches closer with the forward blade design. Maximize tear-off productivity and reduce manual labor with its 2 inch wall clearance.

Weight 158 lbs.
Transport Dimensions (LxWxH)  44” x 28” x 17”
Clearance Height 17”
Engine HONDA 5.5HP
Handle height 37”


Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.



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