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Garlock Ultra Cutter 9hp

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Product Overview

9hp Ultra Cutter for cutting BUR or modified roofs for tear-off.

  • The easy to use depth of cut control and blade up transport position is located on the operator interface for quick and precise adjustments
  • Remotely mounted engine intake filter reduces contaminates in the engine intake
  • Floating blade shroud provides increased safety and requires no adjustment regardless of cutting depth
  • 12” blade standard, can accept a 14” blade or a 12” quad blade

Durability for Maximum Uptime: Designed for the brutal environment and treatment roof saws get in the field. Featuring a Honda engine and thick 1.25” blade shaft, they are all designed for continuous use day in and day out.

Easy to Use: The wide stance of the tubular handlebars makes it easy to use and control even when working near the roof edge. Our exclusive quick-change belt replacement design, tool-free blade access shroud, and balanced single point lifting eye were designed with the operator in mind.

Cutting Performance: The 9hp motor is designed to drive even a large 14” blade through the toughest roofing materials without hesitation.

Weight 240 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 62” x 32” x 37”
Engine HONDA 9HP
Handle height


Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

*DustMaster conforms to Federal Register Vol. 59, No. 116 Rules and Regulations 40 CFR Part 61 NESHAP Interpretive Rules Subpart M: Section 3.A.3

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