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Josam 22100 9-in. 2"-4" Combo Drain w/CI Domes

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Product Overview
Josam 22100 9" Combination Drain & Overflow w/ Dual Deckplate. [No Hub only]


The Josam 22100 Series is a coated cast iron combination roof drain and overflow drain designed for small roofs, gutters and valleys of any construction. It includes:

  • A cast iron beehive dome—provides ample drainage for small roof areas while intercepting debris. 
  • Two Wejloc non-puncturing clamp rings with integral gravel stops—holds the membrane or flashing to the drain body.
  • Integral cast iron standpipe in a cast iron deck flange. 
  • Dual no-hub bottom outlets.

Download the full specification sheet.

Josam 22100 Series

Available Options

-IRMA Perforated Stainless Steel Extension -20 Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-VP Vandal-Proof -23 Rough Bronze Dome
-1 Deck Clamp Assembly -28 Extra Dome Overflow
-10 Fixed Extension Collar, CI (spec. ht.) -33 S.S. Mesh Screen Covered Dome

Outlet Type

Type # Pipe Size (in.) Approx. Weight (lbs.)
22102-Z 2-in. 37
22103-Z 3-in. 37
22104-Z 4-in. 38

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