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Josam 414 Drain Ring

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Product Overview
Uses Josam Post Clamp kit.

Replacement drain ring that can be used with the Josam 414 Cast Iron High Hat Dome and the Josam 4114 Cast Iron Dome (os) (old style).

There is a small dimple in the pads on this ring, the Bolt-to-Bolt dimensions are taken from the center of the dimple at 180 Degrees.


  • Outside diameter: 13-1/2"-in. (may vary from 13"-in. to 13-1/2"-in.)
  • Bolt-to-Bolt: 10-1/2"-in. (pads, not bolt slots) at 180 Degrees.
  • Casting#: 010350

For instructions on how to measure for a replacement drain ring, visit our resource page, How to Measure a Roof Drain Ring

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