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MIFAB R1400 Balcony Drain with Bottom Outlet

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Product Overview
MIFAB R1400 Balcony Drain



The MIFAB R1400 is a lacquered cast iron balcony drain used in balconies, cornices, parapets and other small overhanging areas to drain water. The membrane clamp is bolted to the body to ensure the easy removal of the strainer without impacting the membrane clamp and water proofing membrane.  

The R1400 includes:

  • An adjustable nickel bronze dome strainer.
  • A membrane clamp ring.
  • Cast iron body.
  • Threaded bottom outlet.

Outlet Sizes:

  • 2 in.
  • 3 in.
  • 4 in.

Ring and Grate Finish:

  • Cast Iron
  • Rough Bronze
  • Polished Bronze
  • Nickel Bronze

Strainer Type:

  • Dome
  • Flat Grate


MIFAB R1400-2


Manufacturer Spec Page

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