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Olympic Custom Insert Drain

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Product Overview
Olympic custom drain per specs

One of OMG’s specialties is the design and fabrication of custom drains available in a variety of strainer options.

Though most new and retrofit roof drain installations conform to standard industry practices, there are the occasions when an unusual condition occurs at a drain location. In such instances, the standard drain may need to be modified or custom designed to fit the particular site conditions.

OMG Custom Insert Drains may include:

  • A variety of strainer options, including plastic and cast aluminum
  • Clamping rings or heat weldable flanges
  • Quick and easy installation, which saves time and money


  • Choose your stem diameter, length and angle.

  • Choose your flange size.

  • Specify the position of the hole, whether
centered or off-center.

  • Choose between the standard U-Flow aluminum dome, the RAC 14-in. diameter dome, or other strainer options.

  • Clamping rings or heat weldable flanges available.

  • Custom designed drains in any quantity!


OlyFlow® RetroDrains are designed to replace existing drains in reroofing applications. Installed from the roof surface, OlyFlow RetroDrains are engineered to be installed without removing the existing plumbing or fixture while providing a watertight connection to the roof system and the existing plumbing.

Strainer Options:

OMG Custom Insert Drain Strainer

Olympic customer insert drain per specs. Fax or e-mail a drawing with specifications showing Mat'l [ex;alum,copper etc], Pipe size, Flange size, stem length and any offset[s] or other variables, We will contact you with pricing and/or any questions. Standard lead-time on custom drains is 2-3 days plus shipping time. Fax: 1-216-661-5030 / E-mail: Phone: 1-800-635-0384

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