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Olympic U-FLOW Driver UA-DR

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Product Overview
Olympic U-FLOW Driver UA-DR

The U-Flow® Screwdriver is an accessory used in the installation of products with the U-Flow Seal.

The 12.5-in. shaft of the screwdriver ensures ease of reach when tightening the U-Flow Seal connection screws on all U-Flow retrofit drains.


  • Extra long driver shaft.
  • Fitted with a square socket tip (#2 Robertson) for tightening the special recess head screws, which makes it easy to reach the seal screws inside the stem.
  • Loss prevention bar keeps screwdriver from falling into the drain leader.
  • Available for custom length stems.


The U-Flow Screwdriver is used to install OlyFlow® RetroDrains as replace drains on reroofing applications.

Installed from the roof surface, OlyFlow RetroDrains are engineered to be installed without removing the existing plumbing or fixture while providing a watertight connection to the roof system and the existing plumbing.

Physical Data:

The data below is constant for each U-Flow Screwdriver.

Shaft Length Drive
12.5-in. Square socket (#2 Robertson)

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