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Tie Down 3-Piece Parapet Ladder Safety Dock

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Product Overview

Tie Down Safety is the leading manufacturer of ladder safety systems. The 3 Piece Ladder Safety Dock’s newest innovation establishes a safe and consistent access point for temporary ladder use. The 3 Piece Ladder Safety Dock is installed on a parapet wall where access to the walking surface is needed. The non-slip ladder rungs and steel handholds allow for safe traversing over the edge of a parapet wall. Tie Down Safety maintains high standards and quality controls using quality raw materials and component parts made in the USA.

  • Installs In Minutes On A Parapet Wall
  • Can Be Cut To Quickly Customize Fit
  • TS22 Safety Yellow For Easy Identification
  • Nonslip Adhesive Tape On Ladder Rungs For Added Safety
  • Ladder Fits Up To A 4’ Tall Parapet Wall
  • Locking Chain For Ladder Securement
  • Fits All Commercially Rated Temporary Ladders
  • Made In U.S.



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