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Wade 3241 Cornice/Balcony Drain 4-in. Diameter

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Product Overview
Wade 3241 IP 4-9/16" Dia. Low Profile Cornice Drain.

Regularly furnished with:

  • Painted cast iron cornice/balcony drain
  • Flange
  • Membrane flashing clamp
  • Treaded outlet

Outlet Sizes

  • 2-in.
  • 3-in.
  • 4-in.

Available domes:

  • Low profile dome
  • 4.375-in. high dome
  • Flush grate in lieu of dome


  • Acid resistant coating
  • Vandal proof secured grate
  • Galvanized cast iron parts
  • Bronze mesh lining on dome
  • Stainless steel mesh lining on dome
  • Sump receiver
  • Underdeck clamp

Available in satin-finish nickel bronze, satin-finish bronze and rough bronze.

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