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Garlock Cyclone Extruder

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Product Overview

The Cyclone Extruder is a productive and easy-to-use extruder of 1:1 low viscosity polyurethane adhesives.

  • Uses 5-gallon bag in a box for small and medium-sized projects
  • Honda suitcase generator holder increases productivity through the cord-free operation
  • Heavy Duty 1/2hp motor with dual-component pump is designed for years of trouble-free operation
  • Featuring the “V” manifold for easy maintenance and reliability

Decreases Labor Costs: Significantly reduces the time and materials needed to adhere rigid insulation and cover boards to structural roof decks in both new roofing and recovery operations.

Increased Productivity: Equally dispenses two-component 1:1 ratio low viscosity polyurethane adhesive, which allows projects to progress much more quickly than using multiple people with hand caulking guns.

Easy to Use:Reduce application errors and training time with the Cyclone’s adjustable gun assembly and ergonomic design.

Lower Maintenance Costs: Reduce the risk of catastrophic pump failure, and reduce costly downtime with Cyclone’s contained delivery system with a clean and free-flowing gun and hose design.

Weight 230 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 46” x 31.5” x 37”
110 VAC .5 HP electric motor
Max Operating Pressure 250 PSI
Tires Solid Rubber Flat-free
Rear Caster Solid Heavy-duty Flat-free with parking brakes
Maintenance Kit Included


Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.


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