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Garlock GS-36 Sweeper

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Product Overview

The GS36 wide area sweeper excels at sweeping both fine dust and debris as well as heavy bulky materials and leaves the surface clean and safe.

  • EZ-Angle broom adjustment broom lever allows three different broom positions: straight ahead, 15 degrees left, and 15 degrees right to sweep the debris right where you want it
  • Free-floating broom design maintains the correct amount of head pressure on the roof for optimal performance even as the bristles wear down
  • Flat free tires ensure the machine is always available with a lower cost of ownership
  • Easy to use controls quickly makes anyone on your crew an expert sweeper fast
  • Brush assembly casters can be manipulated to eliminate brush “bucking” for added safety

Powerful Sweeping Performance: This roofing sweeper excels at delivering the maximum cleaning performance with the exact right combination of down pressure and broom speed to extract every bit of performance from the 5.5hp Honda engine.

Balance Design for Best in Class Ergonomics: The rugged frame, wide handle stance, and engine position are designed to provide the optimum balance between head pressure, maneuverability, and comfort for the operator.

The utmost in debris control: The GS-36 is designed to sweep or wind-row material right where you need it. Using an easy-to-reach lever, the broom can be adjusted up to 15 degrees to the right to move the debris to the right. Alternatively, it can be moved into the middle position that will push debris directly forward or the head can be adjusted 15 degrees to the left to easily wind-row rock.

Weight 266 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 62” x 43” x 42”
Fuel Capacity 1 gal.
Engine Honda GX 160
Engine(HP) 5.5
Warranty One Year


Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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