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Josam 415 Drain Ring

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Product Overview
Josam 415 Uses Josam clamp post kits

Replacement Josam 415 drain ring that can be used with the Josam 4116 Cast Iron Dome (os-old style).

This ring has Pads, not bolt holes or slots. It uses Josam Post Clamps. The center of the pads have a "dimple" the Bolt-to-Bolt dimension is taken from the center of that dimple.


  • Outside diameter: 15-1/4"-in. (may vary from 15"- to 15-1/2"-in. O.D. of gravel stop is 15"-in.)
  • Bolt-to-Bolt: 11-1/2"-in. (pads, not bolt slots)
  • Casting#: 415

For instructions on how to measure for a replacement drain ring, visit our resource page, How to Measure a Roof Drain Ring

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