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Leister BITUMAT B2

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Product Overview
  • Flameless welding of modified bitumen
  • Consistent welding results
  • No insulation shrinkage
  • Only one worker required
The BITUMAT B2 was specifically developed for flameless welding of modified bitumen. Compared to welding with open flame, only one worker is needed to effectively weld modified bitumen, making it safer, more efficient and more economical. The suitable bitumen nozzle provides accurate weld seams that can only be guaranteed with hot air tools.
With a 6700W hot air blower and maximum temperature of 650°C (1200 °F), BITUMEN B2 is powerful, reliable and durable thanks to its Swiss quality. The easy tool guidance makes the BITUMAT B2 a popular tool for welding modified bitumen on roofs. A durable tool case is included in the delivery.

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