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Leister UNIROOF 700-230V

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Product Overview
  • Monitored-Welding-Assistant for process reliability
  • Welding quality documented thanks to LQS
  • Standard nozzle ensures homogeneous weld seam
  • Power management for constant welding process
  • Welding recipes in the myLeister app
The UNIROOF 700 is a compact, automatic welding machine suited to weld thermoplastic membranes (for example made of TPO, PVC, EVA, PIB and modified bitumen) on flat roofs up to approx. 500 sqm and slightly inclined roofs (inclination up to 30 degrees).
It complements Leister's globally proven line of automatic roof welding machines. With the Leister Quality System (LQS) the important welding parameters (temperature, air volume and speed) are not only under control, but the welding quality is precisely documented.
The "LQS Roofing" service can be used via the myLeister app if required. Reports with the welding data are then generated as PDF or CSV files via the myLeister app. In addition, it is possible to access the reports at any time via the cloud. To do so, users need to have access to the Internet.
Thanks to the tools GPS integration, roofers can prove the quality of their work via the GPS coordinates. Leister sets a new, quality standard in the roofing industry. All info about the LQS Roofing service, as well as the link to download the myLeister app, can be found on the Leister website under SERVICES/MYSERVICES.
The Monitor Welding Assistant ensures greater quality control, as it warns the user with an alarm and lights up the digital display in red if the machine leaves the welding area during the welding process. Even if undervoltage occurs, the UNIROOF 700s welding performance is unaffected thanks to Leister's power management system. If too much undervoltage occurs, the UNIROOF 700 turns off since the quality of the weld seam is no longer guaranteed.
A homogeneous weld seam is ensured with the standard nozzle specially developed for both the UNIROOF 300/700 models (mounted on delivery). In addition, inserting the nozzle into the overlap seam is extremely easy. For TPO roof membranes and tough-to-weld geomembranes, Leister also recommends the patented scraping nozzle, which was also developed for both automatic roofing machines.
The UNIROOF 700s voltage display gives users the ability to check the voltage before welding and make changes if undervoltage occurs. Undervoltage can occur due to defective extension cables, for example, and affect the quality of the weld.
The UNIROOF 700 has low-maintenance, brushless motors. Its excellent welding speed should also be noted. For example, the UNIROOF 700 welds PVC membranes at speeds up to 10.8 ft/min. at 1076°F. This makes the automatic welding machine 20% faster than the UNIROOF 300. In Eco mode, the UNIROOF 700 saves up to 30% energy when the temperature and air volume reach their maximum capacities.
Thanks to its slim design and movable transport axis, time-consuming retooling for different applications is no longer necessary. The UNIROOF 700 welds close to the edge with ease, up to 100 mm at and on the parapet, on large, flat roofs or difficult to access areas like skylight domes.
Another advantage is the LiveView with the myLeister app. This allows jobsite managers to check the welding parameters of the UNIROOF 700 directly on their smartphone or tablet.
In short: With its unbeatable advantages like the Leister Quality System (LQS), Monitored Welding Assistant and it's standard nozzle, the UNIROOF 700 sets a new standard in the roofing industry. Furthermore, the UNIROOF 700 is prepared for software updates with regard to future services, which makes it a safe investment.
Technical Data
  • VOLTAGE: 230 V; 120 V; 100 V
  • FREQUENCY: 50/60 Hz
  • POWER: 1500 - 3680 W
  • SPEED: 3.28 - 32.81 ft/min
  • TEMPERATURE: 212.0 - 1148.0 °F
  • WELDING NOZZLE / SEAM WIDTH: 1.57 - 3.14 in
  • LQS: Yes
  • LENGTH: 18.7 in
  • WIDTH: 9.6 - 14.17 in
  • HEIGHT: 10.23 in
  • WEIGHT: 37.47 - 43.87 lb
  • PLUG: KR, 3 poles, 16A; UK, 3 poles, 13A; JP, 3 poles, 15A; CEE blue, 3 poles, 16A; without plug; EU, 3 poles, 16A; US, 2 poles, 15A, polarized
  • APPROVALS: CE; CB Certification
  • RAL: Yes
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